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A very interesting visit

A Swiss collector, Francesco Naef, Chialiva lover, following a first contact via the Internet site, specially came to see us in order to visit the Ecouen city-hall permanent exhibition and find traces of his preferred artist. We have shown him the artist’s house as well.
He recently bought a painting named “Girls talking in a meadow with geese”. It was already for sale on January 14th 1977 at Sotheby New York under the name of “A summer afternoon”.
Trying to understand better the origins of his painting, Franco Naef discovered that Luigi Chialiva was born in March 1841, in Lugano, via Massa, from Mrs Luigia Tossi and Abbondio Chialiva, contrary to the official version saying he was born in 1842, in Caslano, from Maria Medina.
The Luigi Chialiva father’s exile would have been as much for a love reason, an adultery liaison, than a political one.