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Under the patronage of Mrs. Delprat, Mayor of Ecouen, and in the presence of President Dauchel, a ceremony of thanks was held on September 18, 2022, at the Ecouen Town Hall, to the two people who each donated a painting to the town’s art gallery.

The painting « Madame Gardon » was painted by her husband, Felix Gardon, a late member of the Ecouen School. It was donated by Madame de Seguin, a descendant of the Gardon couple.

The painting « Horse in a field » was painted by Charles Edouard Frère, son of Pierre Edouard Frère and member of the Ecouen School. It was donated by Jean-Pierre Jonvel, member of our Association.

 We are happy to see that the painters of Ecouen still arouse an interest in the population in the XXIst century and that our association keeps all its meaning.

Mrs Gardon
Mrs Gardon_signature
C.E. Frere_Horse in a field
Mrs the Mayor and Christian Dauchel
Some words from Christian Dauchel
Donator of Gardon _Mrs de Seguin