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Dear visitors,

You had the curiosity and, we hope, the pleasure to discover, on our Internet site, these talented painters of the nineteen Century.
The quantity of visitors is tremendously increasing and we thank you very much for it.

 That is why we would like to suggest you to join our association with only one goal: resurrect this unjustly forgotten school of painters. It’ll cost you the modest yearly amount of 20 Euros or a donation but, doing so, you’ll help us to heatedly pursue our research task, exhibitions, conferences, village painters trail visits and Internet site improvement.

 Ways of payment are the following:

  • A check in Euros issued on a French bank, payable to “L’Ecole d’Ecouen”, sent to: Association “L’Ecole d’Ecouen”, Hotel de ville, place de la Mairie, 95440 – Ecouen, France.
  • Via Paypal to the following address: peintresecouen@yahoo.com

 For any other possible way, please contact us via E-mail at: peintresecouen@yahoo.com

 Thank you for your support and the interest you are showing in the Ecouen’s painters School of the nineteen Century.

 Best regards.

 The Team.