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From the last quarter of the 19th century onwards, « Japonism » became fashionable in the European art world. Many painters, including Monet and van Gogh, collected prints by artists from the Far East, works that would influence their painting.

Hokusai’s famous wave became a world-famous work.

Among Ecouen’s painters, Luigi Chialiva was undoubtedly the greatest collector of his time. His sale at Drouot on May 4, 1938 featured 429 Japanese prints! All the big names were represented.

A member of our Association acquired the catalog of this sale. In it, we found two works shown herewith: « Couple of partridges near a stream » by Kitao Masayoshi, catalog no. 128, and « Seine fishermen lifting their nets » by Hokusai.

An astonishing discovery!

Prints catalog
Couple of partridges near a stream
"Fishermen lifting their nets" by Hokusai.