Louis Simon Lassalle (Louis Simon Cabaillot, said)

Paris 7°, May 24th 1808 – September 2nd 1885, Ecouen

Louis Simon Cabaillot, son of Louis Joseph Cabaillot and Lazarette Bardoux, is known under his artist name Louis Simon Lassalle.
He became student of Pierre Paris and Louis Charles Lucien Müller (1815-1892). He began his working life as draftsman and lithograph. From 1828 to 1854, Louis Simon Lassalle illustrated several hundred of various kind of printings
He lived in Paris, on 9 “rue Baron-de-Saron” (rue Baron-de-Saron street) and moved in 1878 in the Village of Ecouen where he’ll die in 1885. In between, he married Héloïse Félicité Frin. They had a son.

His first exhibition took place at the 1850 Salon de Paris where he have shown three paintings. He received the congratulations of the artistic community. He’ll be invited for all the following Salons de Paris until the last day of his life.
He get orders from the French Government, like “Inondations de 1856 in Tarascon” (1856 flooding in Tarascon-South East of France) following the visit there of the Emperor Napoleon III.
Louis Simon Lassalle has been honored by the Queen of England; She bought a fan of Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy (1802-1889), the sheet being painted by him.
Influenced by Pierre Edouard Frere, he moved toward the genre painting and have shown a real talent for young children palying in the snow. His fame brings to him students like Paul Louis Soutif, exhibiting at the 1870 Salon de Paris. Louis Simon Lassalle will exhibit there, showing “Le depart pour les vendanges” (the grape harvest start).
In 1862, Louis Simon Lassalle signed a manifest against the idea of comparing photography with any artistic field. With him was other painters like Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), Louis Eugene Gabriel Isabey (1803-1886), Pierre Puvis de Chavanne (1824-1898). At that time, many painters were afraid of a potential unfair competition between their beloved art and this new technique called photography. The history is showing that they were wrong.
One of the Louis Simon Lassalle painting “Une partie de traineau” (a sledge party) is on display in the Ecouen council meeting room.


Woman on a donkey, on a bidge
Woman with faggots
Winter view of a village
The Etretat beach

For further information, please read the book “L’Ecole d’Ecouen, une colonie de peintres au XIXe siècle” (bilingual French-English).