Gaston Paul Haag-E

Ecouen, May 1st 1877 – June 18th 1931, Ecouen

Gaston Haag belongs to a large family of painters. He is the son of Jean-Pierre Haag and the son in law of Pierre Théophile Thomas, both being famous painters part of the Ecouen Colony.

On November 17th 1910, Gaston Haag married the daughter of Pierre Theophile Thomas, Aline Augustine Suzane, born in Paris 9° on January 9 1883. His brother, Maurice, home designer, was his wedding best boy.

Gaston Haag painted his firsts artworks in 1896 but never exhibited them in any Salon de Paris. The Ecouen City Hall owns one, “Promeneur dans le bois d’Ecouen” (hiker in the Ecouen woodland).

Gaston Haag donated one of his paintings to the Ecouen city council.

After his death, his widow sent a bitter letter to the City of Ecouen officials, saying: “My father in law, my father and my husband gave several of their paintings to the City Hall. I would never have thought that the Mayor would have let down the daughter and widow of these gentlemen”.


For further information, please read the book “L’Ecole d’Ecouen, une colonie de peintres au XIXe siècle” (bilingual French-English).