New York, 1847 or 1851 – 1935, ?

In 1881, Cornelia Conant came for the first time in Ecouen. She was staying at 7 rue de la Beauvette (Beauvette street) and came back there in 1896 with her two sisters Blandine and Clara.
She exhibited “The family life” at the 1879 Salon de Paris.
Her most famous painting is “The day before National Day in America”.
We saw her at the 1880 Salon de Paris with “The end of the story”.
Her painting “The forgotten slice of bread” has been executed in Ecouen.

In 1894, she was a member of the Brooklyn Art Club Committee. She exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association and at the National Academy of Design.

She was also a writer, doing some articles for the Harpers Magazine, one concerning a study travel in Belgium and an other one about the Pierre Edouard Frere studio. She wrote two articles concerning her stay in Ecouen. They are illustrated by etchings showing the village.

Her painting “The end of the story” has been included into the Women Painters of the World book of 1905.