October 2018

Auguste Schenck and the Auvergne county
We know Auguste Schenck liked to go to Auvergne (center of France county) every winter to paint his thick brown wool muttons in a cold environment. He became a famous local resident around the small village of Royat.
On October 2nd, 1884, a fire devastated the small village of Montgreleix. During the absence of the adults, gone to the Allanche fair, two youngsters set a house thatch roof on fire. Nobody being on site to stop the disaster, very quickly, all the houses of the village were on fire. It is said that even the church bell melted.
Helping each other, the village has been rebuilt. Everybody thought that the “Soupe au choux d’Auvergne” (the Auvergne cabbage soup), group of Auvergne origin Paris expatriated and friends (including Auguste Schenck) would financially help but nothing happened.
In front of this difficult to understand forsaking, our Ecouen painter suggested to offer one of his paintings to the victims of the disaster. This is a proof of his never denied generosity.
This story has been related by Roger Girard in his book “journal d’un auvergnat à Paris” (diary of an Auvergne’s origin man in Paris).

Auguste Schenck
Muttons in the snow