November 2017

In order to paint « on the spot », it was a yearly routine for Auguste Schenck to walk on some adventurer paths around the town of Royat, in Auvergne (mountainous center of France).
One of these days, after painting his famous sheeps with typical heavy brownish wool, he get lost on the way back to the « mère Fournier » inn The famous writer Gustave Flauber (1821-1880) used to stay there as well. Everybody was starting to grow anxious about this missing regular Customer.
Finaly, at dusk, he showed-up, all durty, exhausted with a big smile on his face, carrying all of his equipment.
The hostess, coddling this regular Customer, offered him all the goodies of her table.
The next day, the artist could set out on the roads with heather on their edges as we can see on most on his paintings.

Gustave Flaubert
Auguste Schenck