James Crawford Thom E

New York City, March 22nd 1835 – February 16th 1898, Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

James Crawford Thom is born on March 22nd, 1835 in New York City, son of James Thom (1802-1850), sculptor, and Jessie Thom (d. in 1868).
James married Louise Giles (d. 1881). They had, first, a son named Salvatore Thom (b. 1865) born in France then Ada (b. 1866), James (1867-1946), Blanche and Jessie all four born in England.
It’s interesting to mention that Ada married Frank Hoffman of New Jersey. They had four sons, one being Harold G. Hoffman, the future Governor of New Jersey. He became known as the « most crooked governor New Jersey ever had. »

James Crawford Thom studied with the Perth Amboy artists Colony and, in 1853, at the National Academy. He went to France with Corot and stayed in Ecouen 13 rue de Paris (Paris street). In the local 1861 census, he was registered as Croquefort (misinterpreted from Crawford) meaning “crunch hard” in French. His paintings showing children playing in the snow were under a large influence of Pierre Edouard Frère. One of his paintings is called “Study at Ecouen”. The genre painting is clearly present in “Feeding the ducks” and “Circus scene”.
From 1864 to 1873, he worked in England, including the Royal Academy. His landscape paintings are showing the influence of the second generation of the Hudson school.

After Louise Giles death, James Crawford Thom married, in 1884, Sarah Bloodgood, the daughter of a carriage maker.

From 1884 to his death, James Crawford Thom lived in Old Bridge, NJ. He died of pneumonia in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. He is buried in the Thom family plot in the Old Bridge Cemetery.

 Children with rabbit
3 sisters

For further information, please read the book “L’Ecole d’Ecouen, une colonie de peintres au XIXe siècle” (bilingual French-English).