December 2020

The multiplication of the artworks

Some weeks ago, a Canadian gallerist was selling a set of two small charcoal and pastel drawings from Pierre Edouard Frere.
The first one was showing children surrounding a bird trap (dated ‘73) and the second one the bird release (dated ‘74).

We knew the existence of this set of drawings but we thought it was definitively divided because the Ecouen City Hall, some years ago, following our recommendations, bought the first drawing alone (dated ‘72).

Following an exchange of a lot of mails, the gallerist, rightfully, proved to us that his artwork was genuine but ours, in Ecouen, was genuine too.

Conclusion: Pierre Edouard Frere, like many other artists, according to the orders he got, was sometimes making identical drawings by numbers!

Artist, yes, but businessman as well!

The bird trap "Ecouen City Hall"
The bird trap "Canada"
 The bird release "Canada"