Auguste Etienne Baron-E

Rome, June 11th 1819 – Approx. 1896


This artist had a surprising attitude. He married Marie Eugenie Albertine Graux on July 9th 1850. She died at Ecouen on July 11th 1851. Left alone without any child, he remarried on August 28 1862 with Caroline Antoinette Anna Jacoutot. His wedding best men were Charle Edouard Hugo and Edouard Frère, both artist painters living in Paris.

In 1852, the couple lived in Ecouen, 43 Grande rue (being today Grande-Fontaine street) and, in 1872, moved to rue de l’Eglise (Church street). They had a daughter named Antoinette Anne-Sophie, registered in several censuses as artist painter.
On April 10th 1864, under the name of Auguste Etienne Baron, is registered a failed closing selling act of an Ecouen house located Place de La Croix-Maubeuge. This event had a hard influence on the artist level of life. On April 11th 1869, Francois, Etienne Duru, plasterer, lends him three amounts, 5000 F and 3000 F and again 3000 F. Against these, he had to mortgage his two houses located rue de La Croix-Maubeuge and the little street next. He tried to sale the house but no buyer showed-up. In each of them was a painter workshop. In July 1869, he sales some furnitures for 1500 F. The amount is not big enough to satisfy his lender.

In August 1869, he owes 6000 F to the wine seller Pierre Boutagnon. He had to mortgage again the two houses he could not sale. Owing more than 17000 F, in full despair, he is running away for Biarritz (South-West of France). In 1872, he was living in Italy but, since then, his wife and some friends tried to track him down there, probably since 1870, without any success.

So far, none of his work is officially registered, shown in any museum or auction sold.

For further information, please read the book “L’Ecole d’Ecouen, une colonie de peintres au XIXe siècle” (bilingual French-English).