April 2019

The three traveling cows

While they were peacefully grazing the tender grass of an unknown country field, three cows have been drawn by Joseph Foxcroft Cole (1837-1892).
An engraving of this drawing has been done including the artist signature in its left-hand side bottom corner.

One of the Association’s adherent bought the engraving including the artist’s autograph in its right-hand side bottom corner.
The art dealer selling the artwork was located close to the Niagara-falls (North of the New York State). He needed to ship it to France and was not fully aware of the exportation procedures.
He shipped the parcel, placing the customs invoice IN the box.

The parcel arrived in Paris CDG airport but customs has no way to access the invoice. Therefore, they shipped it back to the sender without any further comment.
The sender, not understanding the reasons why the parcel was sent back to him, in a total panic, get in touch with the buyer.

Following a full evaluation of the situation, our friend asked for the art piece to be sent to one of his relatives in Los Angeles (California). This person reshipped it to him, placing the invoice on the outside of the box, the way it should have been be done in the first place.

Finally, the three cows arrived on their resting place after a journey longer than half the circumference of the earth.
What a trip for those poor bovines.

The three cows
Signature in the engraving
Signature on the printing