April 2017

An Auguste Schenck lover :

Glückstadt is the Auguste Schenck’s birth place. I was, from time to time, corresponding with a lover of this painter living in this city located in the North of Germany. He sent me a newspaper article showing some of Auguste Schenck’s paintings on display at the Glückstadt city hall. He got our book regarding the Ecouen painters and sent us the one he wrote concerning Auguste Schenck.
Incidentally, he arrived in Ecouen on the opening day of our exhibition « The Ecouen painters of the 19th Century in private collection ». He wanted to see and take pictures of the Schenck’s paintings.

Concentrated on the Auguste Schenck subject, I have shown him, beside of many other things, the seven paintings of this artist hanged at the exhibition, then the very large one named « l’Echir » and the portrait, both being on display at the city hall, the painting named « the mystical lamb » visible in the Church, the Schenck road sign located in the middle of the city and, let’s not forget it, the Auguste Schenck’s tombstone, where we could pay respect to our « common friend ».

Delighted with his visit, he went back to his place, full of nice souvenirs of Ecouen.
Will it be a sign for a twinning between our two cities ?
Time will tell us.

Christian Dauchel