A surprising painting !

During the 1874 “Salon de Paris” (Paris exhibition), an art piece attracted the attention of the visitors inducing their surprise. It was a painting from Camille Cabaillot-Lassale (1839-1888), student of Pierre Edouard Frère, named “Le Salon de 1874” (The 1874 exhibition).
In fact, it was showing the inside of the current exhibition with several paintings hanged on a wall. The drawn art pieces, of a smaller scale, have been painted by the artists themselves, delighted to participate to such oddity: Henriette Browne, Jean-Baptiste Corot, Jules Veyrassat, Léon Richet et Gustave Guillaumet. You could try to recognize them.
It has been a great success for Camille Cabaillot-Lassalle, giving him a deserved fame.
This painting has been recently auction sold for 100,000 Euros.

Le salon de 1874