Noticed funeral

“Le Monde illustré” magazine dated of June 12th 1886 gives us some information concerning the funeral of Pierre Edouard Frère. Are given the name of the ones traditionally holding the 4 corners of the fabric covering the casket. They were, of course, four well known artists: William Bouguereau (great master of academic nude paintings), Jules Breton (an other well known artist) and two friends from the Ecouen Colony of painters, Auguste Schenck and Léon Dansart (being since 1879 the village mayor).
Along the funeral procession path, as sign of mourning, all the street gaslights were covered with black satin fabric.
In the Ecouen cemetery, William Bouguereau himself did the eulogy, proof of the Pierre Edouard Frère reputation.

Jules Breton
Auguste Schenck
William Bouguereau