Painters of the streets, streets of the painters

Ecouen has kept and still keeps the names of our painters for its streets:

Edouard Frère street runs down the length of the cemetery. A resistant, Jacques Yvon, occupies most of this street today. In the past, it started from the Place Le Vacher, which was also called « Place Edouard Frère ».

Auguste Schenck street owes its name to his widow, who obtained it in exchange for two paintings offered to the municipal art gallery. No more rue de la Beauvette!

Paul Lorillon was the son of the painter Jules Paulin Lorillon. A donation to the municipality made the street of Ezanville forgotten.

Emmanuel Duverger street replaced Rue de la Châtaigneraie, which was very close to the painter’s home and studio.

Paul Seignac, after having had the honor of giving his name to the street where he lived (Colette Rousset today), now occupies only a small piece of road towards rue Foch.

As for Paul Soyer, his street disappeared after the death of Mireille Zoude at the Liberation, victim of a German bullet. It was not far from his statue which stood in the courtyard of the old schools, now rue Aristide Briand. It was transported to the Tourelles manor when the Tourist Office was installed, on the way up to the castle. Even better than a street name, isn’t it?

But Léon Dansaert, who was mayor, is missing! An oversight to be repaired!

Edouard Frère street Past_Present
Auguste Schenck street Past_Present
Emmanuel Duverger street
Paul Seignac street
Paul Soyer statue