A friendly atmosphere

Except for some “older guys” being instructors or artistic guides, the age average of the Ecouen School of painters was close to thirty. During their stay, some of them got children (Jean-Pierre Haag, Léon Dansert, Paul Seignac, James Champney, etc.) and some married their child with, eventually, another painter’s one (Emmanuel Duverger’s daughter with André Dargelas, Charles Edouard Frère with the Henry Robecchi’s daughter).

Beside one major issue between Pierre Edouard Frère and Emile Lambinet, a painter passing by Ecouen who called his wife a “nanny-goat”, we are not aware of any other conflictual situation between team members.
On the contrary, during extreme rough times, the School members were supporting each-others, i.e.: for the burial of the John Todd’s wife and during the 1870 war exodus.

Friendliness was a basic rule of thumb. Starting in 1865, in his new property, on the Snday night, Edouard Frère was organizing parties for his Ecouen’s colleagues and some passing by visitors. Some American ladies discovered the grogs (hot rum cocktail). Pierre Edouard Frere was reading some theater plays and his wife was singing some of her own pieces. In a nutshell, there was not any gloom.
They were funy guys, in their current life but also, sometimes, on the canvas of their paintings. Please see some examples herewith.

 The expectation (JP Haag)
The "would be" teacher (Charles d'Entraygues)
The turkeys choir (Auguste Schenck)
 The jumping ring (Charles d'Entraygues)
 When the cat is away, the mice will play (Emmanuel Duverger)