Sexism in the Artistic world except in Ecouen

While the “Salon de Paris” organization was giving the cold shoulder to women artists pretending to exhibit there, Ecouen and its colony of painters was welcoming them with open harms.
Léonide Bourges has been one of the first women artists to settle in the Ecouen village where she followed the teaching of Pierre Edouard Frère before joining Daubigny in Auvers-sur-Oise. Many more “student ladies”, including some from the US East Coast, came to perfect their “genre painting” technic like, of course, Mary Cassatt, pupil of Paul Soyer, with her friend Eliza Haldeman and Cornelia Conant with friend Marie L. Stone who described the day to day life of the Ecouen’s painters. You could discover the name of many more of them in our book.
Two of these students, the Formstecher sisters, have been drawn by Pierre Edouard Frère in one of his paintings.

Anyone can now appreciate how our artists were far ahead of their time!

Léonide Bourges
The Formstecher sisters (Pierre Edouard Frère)
Portrait of a young man (Anna Formstecher)