A feminist school of painting !
While women wishing to exhibit at the “Salon de Paris” where treated with condescension or even worst, Ecouen was welcoming all of these artists trying to be recognized in the artistic world.
A lot of these ladies travelling from the US Est coast came to follow the teaching of Pierre Edouard Frère and his friends. One of them, Cornelia W. Conant, in her log, described the Ecouen 19th century world of painters. She came with her friend, Marie L. Stone. Some others came with their husband, like Emma Lampert, wife of Colin Campbell Cooper, Grace Henwood, or Helen Searle, wife of James Pattison who lived many years in the village. Marie H Guise Newcomb, student of Auguste Schenck and Luigi Chialiva became a well appreciated painter of animals before an early death… and many others more.
The best example is the visit of Mary Cassatt who came with her friend Elizabeth Haldeman to be a student of Paul Soyer. Her painting “La demoiselle à la mandoline” (The miss with a mandolin), opened the Salon de Paris doors for her. She met Degas there as well as the impressionism… and the fame recognized up to now.
This is an other special feature of the School of Ecouen.

The miss with a mandolin (Mary Cassatt)
 La fin de l'histoire (Cornelia Conant)
A horse (Marie Guise Newcomb)
Portrait of Emma Lampert (Colin Campbell Cooper)
 Fruits and glass of champagne (Helen Searl)