An interesting évent !

The Paris Orsay museum has, last year, restaured an Auguste Schenck painting : « The orphan, Memory from Auvergne ». This painting is the mirror of an other one, as dark as this one, « The anguish ». It shows a young lamb laying on top of his dead mother body, surrounded by a flock of agressive crows.
This restauration has been done in front of the museum visitors, showing them a different facet of the naturalism style.
According to the museum people, the carreer of Schenck is « not very well known ». It looks like our Association needs to make them discovering the Schenk carreer as well as the large success of many other Ecouen artists of that time.
A first mail has been sent, without any reply yet. We’ll persevere !
You can discover some pictures of this « interesting » artwork on the Paris Orsay museum web site :

Christian Dauchel

The orphan
The anguish