Some charitable artists from Ecouen

Auguste Anastasi (Paris, November 15th 1820 – Paris, March 15th 1889), part of the Barbizon school painters, studied under Paul Delaroche and Jean-Baptiste Corot. Part of his number landscaping paintings of the Paris area, Normandy, Holland and Italy, he did one watercolor artpiece in Ecouen.
He worked as lithographer for the « L’Artiste » (The Artist) and « Les artistes contemporains » (The contemporary artists » magazines, doing artpieces as per Rosa Bonheur, Corot, Isabey and Theodore Rousseau.

Starting in 1860, his sight began to weaken and, in 1870, he was blind.

In order to help him, on February 5th and 6th of 1872, his friends organized a charity auction sale in Drouot. Part of a large number of participants were three masters of the Ecouen Colony : Pierre Edouard Frere gave « L’application » (working hard), Paul Seignac the « L’amour de l’étude » (The love for studying), Paul Soyer the « Tête de Bohémienne » (Gipsy head). The artpieces quality was exceptional and the buyers very generous. The auction brought more than 150,000 Francs.
This is a true exemple of solidarity.

 Anastasi caricature by Nadar