This is a story reported in the July 24th 1868 « Le Petit Journal » newspaper.

A group of gypsies arrived by surprise in the village of Ecouen.
All the painters of the Colony, including Thomas Couture, Pierre-Edouard Frère, Alfred Wahlberg and some others arrived, expecting to find some new models for their artwork. These poor people were in a very difficult situation. They have been arrested by Police and, in the middle of them, was an old dying lady.
This is when Auguste Schenck came into play. The journalist reported the facts : « Schenk, the Danish guy who knew all the languages, all the idiomes and, probably all the European patois came as a true providence for these poor Gypsies. He knew their peculiar dialect and, with him, were able to ask and get all what they needed. Showing their gratitude, women and chidren were kissing his hands as if he was an Oriental Emperor and the men were obedients like if he would be the Chief of their tribe ».
The following day, acting like their translator, he went with them to the major city of Pontoise.

This is the way Auguste schenk was: an artist and a man with a big heart.