Who is Jules Poulain?

A member of our association bought, in the United States, a drawing by Pierre Edouard Frère representing a witch scaring a young woman. It was obviously an illustration for a book. On the back, there was a long text that was difficult to decipher, including the name of Dartmoor, followed by the mention « Jules Poulain – Present from Mr Edouard Frère – 1852« .
After a few minutes of attention, we discovered that it was an excerpt from the book « Dartmoor or the two sisters, scenes of English life« , written by Jules Poulain (1789-1878), which our buyer purchased. Disillusionment: no illustration in the book!

Our buyer, intrigued and eager to know more, contacted a local journalist from La Voix du Nord who had written a short article on this famous Jules Poulain, politician, writer and poet at times. He was appointed municipal councilor of Desvres from 1821 to 1825. During the revolution of 1848 he was sent as a representative of the territory to the National Assembly and then elected mayor of his city from 1855 to 1857. This was too little to establish a link with Pierre Edouard Frère.

That’s why our story of the month is an appeal to your detective skills. Help us to find out what the relationship between this writer and our painter or his wife, born in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, near Desvres, could have been. We are in the dark and have no news of the northern journalist!
We are counting on you!

The witch - Front view
The witch - Back view
The witch - Detailed view