No nude painting, please!
Being very prude, Elizabeth, spouse of James Wells Champney, the American painter friend of Edouard Frere, was happy to know there is no nude painting within the Ecouen artists artworks. It’s truly difficult to find some. Nevertheless, we found two Edouard Frere gallant scenes in recent auction sales – not of a large size.
It’ll be necessary to wait for the work of Guillaume Seignac, son of Paul, to see the nude painting back in Ecouen with a fanfare. His professor, William Bouguereau, made the academic nude painting a sure value during the Napoleon III reign. He went to Ecouen and even bought the Paul Seignac’s house located “Colette Rousseau street” (actual name). Fortunately for her, Elizabeth Champney was not chocked, not living anymore in Ecouen at that time.
The City Hall art gallery exhibits a beautiful Guillaume Seignac painting but, if you expect to see a nice nude model, you may be disappointed. “La muse” (The muse) is dressed! On the other hand, there is a large choice on the Internet!

 The muse (Guillaume Seignac)
Gallant scenes (PE Frère)