Some Schools knew each other

The School of Ecouen had several links with other artistic locations.
Emile Lambinet and Jules Veyrassat began in Ecouen and moved to Barbizon where Pierre Edouard Frère painted as well.
The other way around, Alexandre Defaux came to Ecouen and even taught to Charles Edouard Frère, son of Pierre Edouard.
Henry Bacon, after being a student of Pierre Edouard Frère, went to Pont-Aven where he initiated the local school.
Louis Lassalle did several paintings in Berck.
Of course, we should not forget Auvers-sur-Oise where Léonide Bourges moved to get close to her mentor, Charles Daubigny. The famous Charles Daubigny boat-workshop called Bottin received several visits of Pierre Edouard Frère, his son Charles Edouard, as well as many other Ecouen’s artists, including the Swedish one Herman Wahlberg.

Leonide Bourges_The Bottin
 Lambinet_Along the Oise River
Leonide Bourges_View of Auvers-sur-Oise
Defaux_The forest of Ecouen