A beautiful International Exhibition

The city of Nice, desiring to compete with Paris, was opening, on January 6th 1884, a large exhibition welcoming diversified talents from a lot of countries.
Within many pavilions, the Fine Arts one was displaying beautiful art-pieces from selected French and foreign artists. The Ecouen painters where largely honored. Paul Soyer was showing a working blacksmith and the Frere family was also part of it: Charles Theodore, the orientalist, painted “Caravane de pélerins en route vers La Mecque” (pilgrims caravan going to Mecca), Charles Edouard “Le fardier” (The dumpster) and Pierre Edouard, his father, a painting named “Le cidre du pauvre” (The poor people’s cider) which attracted the critics eyes: “Rarely, Mr. Edouard Frere has ever been more inspired” …. “What a true poetry!”.
It was one of the last successes of our painter who died two years later.

To be noted: The paintings exhibition commissioner was Louis Pretet. He was in Ecouen, as a witness, for the death of Edouard Frere.

The dumpster (Charles Edouard Frere)
Caravane vers La Mecque (Theodore Frere)
The poor people's cider (Pierre Edouard Frere)
The blacksmith (Paul Soyer)

Illustrations are from Riou, part of the book “Nice-Exposition (Ed.1884)” from F. d’Urstrac.