Les mystères de Paris (the Paris mysteries)….and the ones of Ecouen

One chapter’s story of the book “Les mystères de Paris” from Eugene Sue (1804-1857) is taking place in Bouqueval (small village close to Ecouen) and its surroundings. The Eugene Sue’s father is buried in this village’s cemetery.

Some illustrators of the 1843-4 book original edition are not unknown from us: Theodore Frère and his brother Pierre Edouard Frère, Charles Daubigny and Daumier who developed later a great career.

On the background of the Theodore Frère’s illustration, we can see the Ecouen castle of the constable Anne de Montmorency.

We could conclude that it’s maybe due to the influence of Eugene Sue if Pierre Edouard Frère settled in 1847 in this welcoming rural site. Concerning Daubigny and Daumier, they remained in the neighborhood, the first one in Auvers-sur-Oise, the second in Valmondois.

Les mystères de Paris (original edition)
 Eugène Sue
 Les mystères de Paris (Book cover)