What a surprise !

One morning, I received a call from the countryside. A man explained to me the reason for his call : Doing some cleaning in a closet, he found a painting signed G. Todd. Searching on the Internet, he discovered that the artist was part of the 19th century Ecouen Colony of painters and also some enthusiastic amateurs wrote a book on this subject.
G. Todd was a painter of English origin established at the foot of the Ecouen castle, house of the Légion d’Honneur school at that time. We were assuming that G. Todd finished his life in Algeria. This painting shows a casbah ! This is the expected proof. Additional research showed that a Tood has been married in 1899, in Mustapha (Algeria). The groom father, artist painter, was présent, giving his agreement for the wedding.
The caller was kind enough to give us his agreement for his discovery to be shown during the exhibition to take place in Ecouen from march 29 to april 23 2017.
We thank him very much.

Christian Dauchel