Chialiva and Degas

During one of his trips, Luigi Chialiva (1841-1914) met Edgar Degas (1834-1917) – de Gas familly from Italian origins – in Rome. They became very close friends.

Degas had two of his paintings damaged, « Intérieur » (Inside) and « le viol » (the rape) and Chialiva repared them. The following story, told by the gallery owner Antoine Vuillard, shows the very stong artistic ties between the two friends : « Degas was using a Chialiva’s secret formula to settle pastels without altering their velveting aspect and without modifying their color ».
The chemist talents of Chialiva allows us to see, today, the pastels of Degas, which is rarely mentionned during exhibitions.

Lastly, in 2007, during an auction sale of Degas artpieces, there was a lot of them dedicated « To my friend Chialiva ».

 Degas self portrait 1855
 Degas greeting